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TraVEA was originally established in South Africa in 1996.

During the past 20 years we have grown to be a highly effective and competitive name in various sectors of the South African Economy.

Due to the confidence in our ability, our impeccable service delivery as well as trusted relationships with our clients we have been granted various opportunities to enter into new ventures with existing clients, which we have successfully grown into independent and effective self-sustainable business units.

We now have the necessary experience and backing to confidently solve almost any outsourcing, labour and distribution needs with confidence, whilst always striving to acquiring more skills and knowledge, and staying grounded on effective service delivery.

Our specialized services include the following:

Warehousing and Distribution

TraVEA is currently operating third party distribution centers on behalf of our clients which include all aspects and disciplines of the supply chain business as a whole. We are fortunate to render a service to world renowned blue chip companies and our list of referees speaks for itself.

We entered into this venture in 2007 and are proud to confirm us successfully growing this part of the business. Our service delivery with regards to on-time delivery, clearing of POD’s, managing up-lifts and returns are the highest in the industry and this can be confirmed by any of our referees listed. We request and encourage you contacting any of our clients for a reference as service delivery is the foundation of our business and we are very proud of our achievements in this regard.

We offer the following services to our Blue Chip clients

  • Dedicated Bulk Warehousing
  • Multi Principal Bulk Warehousing
  • 3PL/Transhipment Warehousing and Distribution
  • Container De-stuffing
  • Import Bond storage and Clearance
  • Refrigerated/Insulated Vehicles
  • Temporary and semi-permanent staff (both blue and white collar)

We operate from  5 facilities, including several large distribution centres with a combined square metering of approximately 40 000m²

  • Cape Town Trans- shipment Depot
  • George Distribution Centre – 7000 square meters
  • Port Elizabeth Depot and transhipment facility
  • Durban Distribution Centre – 4000 square meters
  • East London Trans-shipment Depot

To support these operations, TraVEA also operates many of the related line haul routes.

TraVEAis committed to transformation, and to being a truly representative South African company. TraVEA has a B-BBEE rating of level 2.

The company is committed to maintaining relationships with their suppliers that will contribute to the commercial, strategic and empowerment objectives of both the company and its Clients.

Current Principles

Principles through our clients


Commitment to service – Inspire trust – Be open and inclusive – Discuss Decide Deliver – Lead by example

    • Develop next generation leaders.
    • Ensure a cohesive organisational culture.
    • Effective resourcing of all operations.
    • Skills development and transfer.
    • Employee recognition program.
    • Health & Safety programs (incl. Wellness programs, voluntary counselling, annual medicals)
    • Establish productivity & efficiency standards, evaluate and address inefficiencies.
    • Free cash generation.
    • Overhead cost control.
    • Market segment growth.
    • African continent growth.
    • Broader client base
    • Build unmatched client connections.
    • Establish & maintain worldclass quality control processes.
    • Establish and implement supplier quality control processes.
    • Establish risk management and internal audit processes and ensure integration.
    • Enhance legal and commercial acumen to ensure effective risk management.
    • Establish a Business Continuation Protocol – Industrial action , industrial espionage, food safety risks
    • ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 22000 relevant implementation and rollout.